UX Strategy: What It Is And Why It Matters

Best practices and tips on UX strategy used by top startups and best UX design firms.

Magnus Lundström
4 min readDec 12, 2021
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UX strategy has become more popular and vital now than ever before. More companies and UI/UX firms than ever are creating UX strategies to ensure they stay competitive and don’t get overlooked by their customers. This article will go through what you should know about UX strategy and why you need to have one.

If you don’t know anything about UX strategy, reading this article will tell you what to get started.

What Is UX Strategy?

A UX strategy is a plan that details what the user’s experience should be like, how it can help the company achieve its goals, and how it can give the target customers the best user experience to make sure that they return to the product.

Effective UX strategies have different components. These usually consist of:

  • Knowing what the user experience should be like and making sure that this is clear and detailed.
  • Understanding the target customers, what their behavior is like, and what their needs are.
  • Knowledge about the trends in the same or similar industries.
  • Understanding what steps need to be taken to achieve their overall goal of the UX strategy.

Why Do You Need A UX Strategy?

As the market gets more competitive, companies need to take extra steps and go even further than before to gain an advantage over their competition. One of the different steps that companies take more often in today’s market is creating and using a UX strategy.

UX strategies are used to help companies create consistent and practical experiences in assisting them to achieve their goals at every touchpoint that the customer will have with the company and their products. This helps to improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

The UX of a product needs to be consistent throughout the entire development and the company’s other products. This helps strengthen the brand and build brand loyalty, which is the goal of every company, especially in competitive markets.

It isn’t just about products looking good anymore, they need to have so much more substance, and that’s why a UX strategy is required. To create experiences that are memorable, intuitive, tailored to the target customer, and helpful.

The importance of a great UX strategy should not be overlooked, so let’s look at some other benefits.

Help All Team Members Understand The Target Customer

Keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult, which is why more companies have started creating UX strategies. Using a strategy, you can help everyone understand who the customers are, what they need from the company and its products, and how the user experience customers get can help achieve the company’s goals.

It Will Help You Measure Success

Having goals that are clearly defined will help you achieve them more easily. If the plans weren’t clearly defined, then the company could waste time and resources on things that are not important. With a detailed UX strategy, you will know what your goals are, how they can be achieved, and how they can be measured to help you assess the progress that you have made.

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Tips To Create A UX Strategy

1. Understand The User Experience

When thinking about the user experience for a product, you need to know about all the user touchpoints for that product and what optimizations can be made to give customers the best user experience. Understanding the customer’s overall experience is essential, and if you can’t do that, you are letting your competition outshine you.

User touchpoints don’t just end with your product; you need to think past that. Consider the marketing you are using, customers' process when purchasing your product, and the customer service they receive. All of this matters.

If you need help understanding the complete user experience, you should find UI UX companies that have done this before. When looking for UI design companies, try to find ones that have had customers in the same industry as you.

2. Be Specific With Your Goals

If you are specific with your goals, it will be easier to achieve them. An added benefit of this is that it will be easier to measure when you have achieved goals and have made progress.

Knowing what you need to do is essential if you want to keep focused. That’s why UI UX companies will tell you about the importance of setting specific goals when creating a UX strategy for your company and products.

3. Think About The Speed Of Your Product

If you have already realized, people today want to get information fast. If something takes too long to load, people will leave immediately. You need to make sure your UX strategy focuses on this and optimizes the speed of your product.

Various methods can be used to increase the speed of your product or give people the impression that your product is fast. You need to use these methods. If you don’t know what you need to do, find UI design companies to help you.


Creating new products can be difficult, and many steps need to be taken, including planning, research, and testing. This can be made more effective if you have a detailed UX strategy that you can follow. Creating a UX strategy is essential if you want to achieve goals faster and measure success effectively. If you need help creating or improving a UX strategy, you should find UI UX companies that have worked with customers in the same industry.

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